Vacuum detection machine

2020-9-17 18:17:53

1.Non-contact on-line detection

2.Using double-head detection technology: Electromagnetic pulse acoustic scanning technology and surface scanning technology

3.Acoustic technology plus scanning technology The different degree of vacuum will cause a small difference in the surface tension of the tank, which can accurately judge the quality of the vacuum according to the characteristics of the audio signal which vibrates on the tank surface.

4.Surface detection technology: with sound wave to achieve complementary detection, detection of expansion tank inspection, reverse tank

5.Vacuum inspection, expansion tank inspection, reverse tank detection

6.Applicable to conveying speed: 70m/min

7.Maximum speed: 1200cans/min


9.To automatically remove unqualified products.

10.Power supply:220V/50HZ

11.Air pressure: Air compressor requirements 0.3- 0.8MP

12.Industrial computer, XP operating system, 25 inch touch screen operation.


Acoustic technology is specally the degree of deformation measurement lid basic no or very small container pressure or vacuum, such as beer bottles, coffee can, canned coconut water, glass bottles, etc. Sound probe will emit high-energy magnetic pulse in each container the top lid. Lid pulse will hit the sound of "dong", "dong" witha direct relationship between the pressure or vacuum in the container. Through measuring and comparing "dong", of rejecting limit set by the user beyond the container will be removed. Sound probe used in non-contact on-line leak detection products. Acoustic technology can detect the container (cans, glass bottles, beer bottles)


1. Inspected the container through the electric eye, trigger magic eye photon beam.

2. When inspected the container through sound probe, probe a high- renergy magnetic pulse shock at the center of the lid.

3. Lid gives out "dong".

4. The microphone receives the sound of "dong" and send the information to the voice processing system.

5."dong" measured and compared, of rejecting limit set by the user is beyond the container will be removed.


◆1. It adopts acoustic technology.

◆2. Speed: DPK- 400: 800 bottles/min or conveyor belt speed 70 m/min.

◆3. include the leak detection, vacuum detection and without lid detection.

◆4. Applicable to metal cover sealing products.

◆5. a complete set of eliminate system.

◆6. Humanized design of probe component.