RO water treatment equipment

2018-1-3 15:01:30


The product description

Pure water refers to the H2O without impurities, referred to as pure water or pure water, is pure, clean, does not contain impurities or bacteria Of water, such as organic pollutants, inorganic salts, any additives and all kinds of impurities, to meet the drinking water hygiene

Raw standard water is raw water.
Through electro dialysis, ion exchanger, reverse osmosis, distillation and others

It is made by proper processing method and sealed in the container without any additives. It is colorless, transparent and straight

After drinking.
The space water that sells on the market, distilled water all is pure water.

range of application

Drinking pure water, distilled water, natural water, mineral water, mineral water, liquor production mixed with pure water, beer Alcohol sac charification feed water, pure draft beer filtration, fruit and vegetable food processing, canned food processing, district direct drinking water And so on.
The company provides DQ(design confirmation), FAT(manufacturing plant test), IQ (installation confirmation), OQ (operation) Verification), PQ (performance verification) and a series of activities, providing data and conclusions that can prove the equipment is in production

In production, it can meet the requirements of the production process, and the performance of the equipment conforms to the design requirements, product delivery standards and national standards Related industry requirements.
Food and beverage industry for the national conscience industry, with the increasing global pollution and people The urgent pursuit of health, food, beverage industry also put forward more stringent requirements.
Ordinary municipalities

it is difficult to meet the needs of people to bring water or underground well water.
The state now regulates the food and beverage industry as well

Gradually formed from the establishment of enterprises, production process, finished product inspection and other comprehensive control system.
Now for many foods And all beverage industries to implement the food hygiene and safety licensing system (QS certification), the provisions of the process water and into

The product water all needs after the water, usually is the pure water.
Water quality requirements of food and beverage industry: for food and beverage industry

Water is usually pretreated water or purified water, in line with gb5749-2006 standard for drinking water, GBHygienic standard for pure drinking water in bottles (barrels).
The conductivity of raw water is less than 300us/cm

Generally, single stage reverse osmosis process is adopted.
When the conductivity of raw water is greater than 500us/cm, double sampling is adopted

Grade ii reverse osmosis process to ensure the quality of terminal effluent.

The process flow
Raw water sand filter carbon filter water softener (pesticide scale inhibitor) security filter reverse osmosis system

Ozone generator soda mixer pure water tank pure water pump ultraviolet sterilizer -- microporous membrane filter --

Water points

raw water sand filter carbon filter water softener (dosing anti-scaling device) security filter double stage reverse osmosis System ozone generator soda mixer pure water tank pure water pump ultraviolet sterilizer -- microporous membrane filtration

Applicator -- water point

Application field
Bottle (bucket) bottled drinking water and mineral water, spring water
Water for the production of tea drinks, juice drinks and dairy drinks
Water for liquor, beer and wine production
Canned seasoning, canned fruits, canned vegetables, raw materials processing water.
High quality direct drinking water for residential areas, schools and scientific research institutions
High-end hotels, guesthouses, villas in resorts direct drinking water
Direct drinking water for colleges and research institutes at all levels
Large enterprise factory staff direct drinking water
Supplement of boiler softening water and circulating cooling water