Deepora Food Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. is a modern high-tech machinery Co.,Ltd.The company aims to build a global platform for the integration of the food processing equipment industry to provide customers with products that create value.Our mission is to make our services innovative.The client interprets the wings of taking off and brings more value to customers;the main business is beverage and juice jam processing equipment,and through continuous technological innovation,optimizes resource allocation and greatly enhances the company’s competitiveness in the industry.,China Food Association has been identified as one of the few equipment manufacturers.

Main products include:beverage filling production line,pure water production equipment,bottled water filling production line,can filling production line,vegetable protein beverage production line,(gas) carbonated beverage production line,vitamin functional beverage production line,fruit juice beverage production equipment,Wine production line,liquor production line,etc.(fruit and vegetable beverages,eight-treasure porridge,edible oil,seasonings,bee products,cosmetics,and other complete production line equipment) various beverages machinery filling equipment,packaging equipment and ancillary products to meet a variety of different types The customer needs,we also provide process design,construction guidance,machinery manufacturing,installation and commissioning,after-sales service,technical training,beverage technology formula and other one-stop turnkey engineering services.

The company adhering to the concept of sophisticated technology and advanced technology at home and abroad,complying with the trend of modern industrial development,sharing resources,building a win-win platform,innovative ideas,integrating the resources of upstream and downstream leading companies in the food processing industry,bringing together the wisdom of senior experts and scholars in the field of food processing,Established long-term research and cooperation relations with many research institutes such as the China Canned Food Association and the China Food Association,with the aim of collecting 10,000 people and serving the public enterprises.It is committed to the perfection of food processing solutions and the rational and simple configuration of processing equipment.For the company's business objectives.

With the acceleration of the global economic integration trend,the market is further moving towards liberalization,internationalization,and alliances.The flow of people,logistics,capital,and information in the world is moving at an unprecedented speed.With the help of the Shanghai Internationalized Commercial Trading Platform,the The advantages of external technology,give full play to the role of sample display and project demonstration,and build the company into a showcase for food processing equipment,an international platform for equipment trading,and the best choice for new technology,new technology,and actual production docking.

Deepora Food Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.has been adhering to the needs of users as the core,while fully focusing on the design and manufacture of food machinery,it fully absorbs and masters the advanced experience in the processing technology of food processing equipment in the world, and strives to become a“food engineering expert”.Make unremitting efforts.The company not only provides professional line solutions,but also establishes a complete pre-sales and after-sales service system to provide guidance and assistance for customers in the development of problems and difficulties. At the same time, we will, as always, work hard and pursue the spirit of active development,and work together with new and old customers at home and abroad to create a win-win situation.

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